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Our story began on a trip to Sioux City inside of a Party City and my Mother said, "wouldn't it be crazy if we started one of those for ourselves." I took that to heart and went online and started researching, and found a development company out of Las Vegas called Discount Party Store Developers. I made original contact and a little over three months later here we are ready to open our doors for the first time.

One year later We are excited to be open a year. We are learning a lot and still trying the very best we can to make this store great, and make it work for our community. Recognition is a problem, but we are getting there slowly but surely 

Two years later Here we are. Expanding everyday, and doing our very best to give our customers what they need. We hope that we are doing everything we can to make Norfolk better

Almost three years later  we are hanging in there, business is slow this time of year, but we are still pushing forward look towards our busy graduation season. Cake and Mint making supplies are our newest product lines. They have gone relatively slowly so far, but I a imagine they will pick up with graduation growing nearer. There may be a move in our not so distant future. Check back often to see if our location changes. We thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support.

Three Years Later Things are becoming tougher, sales are not where they need to be and debt is starting to pile up. We love what we do, don't get me wrong, but it is getting harder and harder to keep it up. We are exploring some of our options including moving to another location. We know we love to be here, and love to provide for out community. We hope that one of our options will work out and that we can keep supporting Norfolk for years to come. 

Four Years Later We just had a great weekend celebration for for our 4 year anniversary, We are trying our a discounted isle to see if we can get rid of some of our slower moving patterns let's see if that works. I am optimistic, sales seem to be a little slow right now, but if we can hold out until fall, sales should pick up.

4 Years 2 Months We got a letter from our land lord today saying that we are behind on rent,which we knew, but that day we knew would come has, we have until the end of september to sell then we have to move out. We have made the Decision that we are going to sell off what inventory we have, hopefully, and CLOSE at the end of September. It is bitter sweet, we have had a lot of fun over the past 4 years, and to see it end is going to not be fun. 

End of September 2018 Today is the last day that we will be open, unfortunately, we still have product left, so it will go into storage, and we will attempt to sell it online, we will see how far that goes. It has been a great ride, but now it has come to a close, Thank you to all of our loyal customer, it was fun. 

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